Can an Electric Fireplace Be Built-In?

Update:20 Jul
You might be wondering if you can have an electric fireplace built into your home. You can do this without worrying about the floor space that the hearth will take up. Unlike gas fireplaces, which can protrude two feet or more into the room, an electric fireplace will only protrude a few inches. If you can't have a fireplace built into your home, you can install an electric fireplace on a wall instead.
There are two types of fireplaces available today: the fully recessed and the partially recessed electric fireplace. The partially recessed unit will protrude a few inches into the room. The fully recessed option will be flush with the wall, and will be hardwired through the back of the unit. Either way, you'll need a couple of extra hands to mount and plug in the unit.
In order to install an electric fireplace in a wall, you need to build a frame around the existing fireplace. This requires a small amount of framing, but it requires a lot more electrical hookup. If you have a handy friend who is comfortable doing the work, you can do it yourself, but if you are not confident about doing so, you should consider hiring someone to install it for you. If you don't have any experience in this type of installation, you should also consult an electrician or a handyman to help you out.
An electric fireplace's flame is created by an LED light bulb that bounces off of a rotating silver refractor to simulate a flame. They can be set to emit only a light or a crackling log sound. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces can be installed in any room without a chimney or direct vent. However, some types of electric fireplaces are difficult to install.
Electric fireplaces are also available as built-ins. These can be used in tight spaces and are often permanent. Built-in inserts require hard-wiring into your home's electrics. Built-in fireplaces are usually larger than wall mounts and have a flush fit against the surrounding wall. Electric fireplaces are designed to be installed on the surface of the wall. However, some models are partially recessed into the wall for a built-in look.
An electric fireplace is completely safe to use in homes with children and pets. This is because there is no actual fire involved, and therefore no risk of fire or burns. Moreover, the glass face is safe, and will never get hot enough to burn a person. You can also purchase an electric fireplace that is built-in so that it can be placed anywhere in your home without disrupting your existing decor. If you can't afford a built-in fireplace, an electric fireplace is probably the most convenient option.
Another advantage of an electric fireplace is its energy efficiency. Electric fireplaces use far less energy than their gas and wood counterparts, and they produce no fumes. They can also heat a large room without adding extra fuel. So you don't have to worry about running out of wood for weeks! You can leave the flames running while you're at work. And it doesn't matter what time of day it is!