Most wall-mounted fireplaces are electric

Update:12 Jan
Unlike built-in models, wall-mounted fireplaces are portable and can be installed in almost any room of the house. They are also less expensive than built-in fireplaces, so they are a great option for renters. They also offer the convenience of a wall-mounted heating system, which allows you to adjust the heat settings to fit your needs. However, they do require a little planning and construction.

Electric wall mounted fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be set partially flush with the wall, or they can be mounted in a wall recession. They may have a reflective interior panel, and some models are also compatible with smart devices. You may also have the option to set the unit to warm or energy saving modes. In addition, some models feature a timer.

The installation process for a wall-mounted fireplace involves building the wall out into the room. You will then install brackets that are attached to the wall to hold the fireplace in place. You will also need to build out a frame around the fireplace. Depending on the fireplace model, it may need to be mounted on three studs in the wall. Some models may also be too heavy to mount on the studs alone, so you may need to use drywall anchors. The main cable must remain at the back of the appliance, and you must also make sure it is not in contact with the hot element.

Most wall-mounted fireplaces are electric. Some of them also come in gas models. Gas fireplaces use oxygen from the room to create heat. You will need enough room in the room to install a gas wall-mounted fireplace. You will also need to make sure there is enough ventilation in the room. These fireplaces can only be installed up to 4,500 feet above sea level. You should also make sure there is an outlet near the fireplace.

Some electric fireplace models are very realistic. You can choose from a variety of flame colors and brightness settings. In addition, some fireplaces feature crystals or logs behind the glass. Other models may come with a handheld remote.

You can choose from a variety of wall-mounted fireplaces, including the Cixi Xinxiuli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.. Its rotating system allows you to see the fire from a wide variety of angles. It is available in several colors, including black, red, green, blue, and white. The fireplace also comes with a heat-resistant paint.

Cixi Xinxiuli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. electric fireplace is 50 inches wide and has three heat settings. It can also be set to a timer, and comes with an automatic shut off. It features a black modern frame and creates a stunning statement in any room. The flames are also very vivid. This fireplace can be installed in 400 square feet or larger. The flames can also be adjusted to a high heat setting, which can be used to warm up the room.

Cixi Xinxiuli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. fireplace is a great choice for those who want a sleek, modern look. It comes with five flame colors and a touch screen display. The flames can also be adjusted to five different brightness levels. This fireplace is ETL certified, and comes with a remote control.

EF-11C 26’’ Flat Face Wall Mounted Fireplace, With Stone Ember Bed

♦Wall mounted fireplace

♦2 hating settings: 1000W/2000W for 220-240V,50/60Hz

                                 750W/1500Wfor 100-130V/60Hz

♦LED lights

♦Pebble fuel effect

♦Black flat tempered glass front panel

♦Adjustable flame brightness •Alternative manual control panel

♦Remote control for choice (on/off, dimmer, heating 1 and heating 2 )

♦Safety thermostat cut off device