How to Install a Custom Wall Mounted Fireplace

Update:24 Mar
An electric fireplace is a great way to create a cozy environment in your home. These devices are designed to simulate the look of real wood fires and artificial gas flames. While these devices do not require wood or gas, they will increase your electric bill. The national average for operating an electricity-powered fireplace is eight to nine cents per hour. This amount will run you $50 to $100 a year. And while they may not give off the same ambiance that a real fire does, they are still a cost-effective option.

The installation process of an electric fireplace is relatively straightforward. Before you begin, you should make sure to choose the appropriate installation method. If your unit is going to be permanently mounted on the wall, use wall anchors at the highest outside corners. Then, use screws to secure it to the wall. Typically, two screws are used to mount the fire unit. Then, an L-metal bracket is attached to the bottom of the fire unit. The fire unit is suspended from the mounting bracket.

Several features distinguish electric fireplaces from gas ones. Firstly, they don't produce any emissions. They burn clean energy and are safer to use than traditional fuels. Secondly, electric fireplaces don't contribute to deforestation because the fire doesn't go up a chimney. They are also very efficient, consuming only 0.15 kWh per hour on average. However, the cost of electricity is still higher than the cost of running a gas fireplace.

Aside from the flame effect, another advantage of an electric fireplace is that it does not require a chimney. Instead, it uses a patented flame effect technology that creates the look of a real flame while being completely electric. Its sturdiness allows an electric fireplace to last for 10 to 20 years. If installed properly, an electric fireplace should have a warranty of ten to twenty years. But, be aware that there are some things you should be aware of when installing an appliance.

The most common type of electric fireplace is a wall-mounted model. This type of fireplace requires two people to install and is usually installed by professionals. Before installing an electric fireplace, make sure that the wall is solid and that the bottom panel is securely attached. This will prevent the electric unit from moving during use. Unlike gas fireplaces, an electrical fireplace is easy to mount and usually comes with a mounting bracket. You can mount it to any wall and then hang it from the ceiling.

When installing an electric fireplace, you should be careful not to place anything above it. Be sure to put the base on a solid surface and keep it level. An unstable floor can lead to a fire that could ruin the unit. If you are planning on placing an electric fireplace over a TV, make sure it's securely mounted. You should also be careful when choosing where to install the unit. Most electric fireplaces are front-heavy.